Yose vocalist Khrystine Malvoisin performs alongside producer Aren Blake during the 2018 Wild Caught Music and Local Seafood Festival at the Gloucester Community Center. (Dylan Ray photo)

Accidental Productions will present the eighth annual Wild Caught Local Seafood and Music Festival later this month.

The festival is Friday-Saturday, Aug. 16-17 at the Gloucester Community Center, 476 Pigott Road, Gloucester.

“Not much has changed from last year,” said Barbara Garrity-Blake of the band Unknown Tongues, which sponsors the event. “This is the second year we held the festival at the Glocuester Community Center. Last year went really well. It’s super spacious for the music and is already set up for cooking.”

The festival opens at 7 p.m. Aug. 16 with music until 10 p.m. The next day the music is from noon to 10 p.m.

Bryan Blake and Ms. Garrity-Blake began Wild Caught as a way to promote local seafood, appreciate the importance of clean and productive waters and celebrate the rich commercial fishing heritage of coastal North Carolina.

The festival celebrates local seafood and produce, homegrown music and the maritime heritage of Down East. The afternoon of Aug. 17, local seafood will be cooked and served, including charcoal mullet, shrimp and all the fixings. Covered dishes are welcome.

During Wild Caught, there will be educational displays explaining the importance of the seafood industry and highlighting the effects of Hurricane Florence.

Folks from local seafood branding programs NC Catch and Carteret Catch will be on hand to talk about why local seafood is tastier and healthier than imported products.

“We like people to learn through their taste buds that local is best,” Ms. Garrity-Blake said. “Mullet is one of the most plentiful and flavorful fish, yet many folks are surprised at just how good they are when they try one at Wild Caught.”

The Crystal Coast Waterkeepers will also be at Wild Caught to share information on why a healthy coastal ecosystem is key to productive fisheries.

“We will also draw attention to the problem of invasive species,” Ms. Garrity-Blake said. “Full Circle Crab Co. in Columbia is donating blue catfish for the public to sample. This fish was introduced for sport, but is now taking over the Chesapeake Bay and Albemarle Sound. We want to help eat it out of existence.”

Performing artists include Unknown Tongues, Acoustic School Bus, Gary Dudley, the Maxxtones and more.

Festivalgoers should bring a chair, their own shade, bug spray and something to drink. Wading requires water shoes.

This event is free, made possible by donations and sponsorships. The festival committee is currently seeking sponsors for the event.

Call 252-729-8021 about sponsorships, or send donations to Accidental Productions, P.O. Box 91, Gloucester, NC 28528. Donation boxes will be on site.

For more information on Wild Caught, visit unknowntongues.com/wildcaught.htm.

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