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Age: 48.

Wife, Mary Moran Day; daughters, Dylan (West Carteret High School, 10th grade) and Anderson (Morehead City Middle School, 7th grade).

Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.

MBA & BSBA from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School (finance concentration, with minor in mathematical science/computer science); graduate of WCHS (Carteret County’s 1989 Morehead-Scholar nominee), Morehead City Middle School and Camp Glenn Elementary.

Have served on BOE for four years (one as BOE chairman); Carteret County AIG PAC chairman; Parent-Advisory-Council for MCMS, Morehead Elementary School (chair for two years) and Morehead City Primary School; Read Across America volunteer; WatchDog; “Dancing with Our Stars” winner (benefitting Communities in Schools); rec volleyball coach; KFBS Undergraduate Faculty Advisory Committee; First United Methodist Church Finance Committee.

With 23 years of teaching experience as a professor at UNC’s Business School, I understand the value of quality education. I apply business principles in decision making concerning the BOE budget. I am truly fiscally responsible and respectful with tax dollars provided by citizens for our schools.

My daughters have attended Carteret County Schools for their entire education, attending the same schools my wife and I attended while growing up in Morehead. I have pride and a vested interest in our public schools.

Do you believe state-mandated testing and accountability measures are sufficient, too much or not enough? Do you believe the current requirements are producing the desired results?

Teachers, parent and students alike all complain about excessive testing. Such testing should not get in the way of teaching or pose an undue burden on our schools. Therefore, we should definitely eliminate unnecessary, excessive testing.

However, I do not believe we should allow the pendulum to swing too far the other way, such that we provide too little testing. Testing is still important to maintain accountability…accountability of students, accountability of teachers and accountability of individual schools and entire school districts. Testing is a way we can measure whether students have learned what they are supposed to have learned and in what areas the student or the teacher needs to work harder. Testing allows principals to ensure that teachers are doing their jobs properly and allows superintendents to evaluate their principals. Without testing, it would be much more difficult to make such evaluations.

I am concerned when I hear about certain colleges that have done away with grades or are not valuing results of standardized test scores as a consideration for admission. Standardized tests should not be the only means by which students are judged. A proper balance of testing is a vital, but sometimes difficult goal to achieve.

What are the top qualities you want to see in the new school superintendent?

In addition to being fiscally responsible, I would also like to hire a superintendent who has good budgeting/financial experience.

Accountability. A superintendent must be prepared to do what’s best for our entire school system, while remembering that he works for the BOE, and that the BOE works for all the citizens of this county. I also think it is extremely important to have someone who shares the values of our community. These are not Charlotte values and not even Raleigh/DPI values.

The superintendent should be mindful and aware of curriculum being taught in our schools. Politicization (and/or the teaching of certain “values”) has no place in our schools. The teaching of such values should be left to the families in our communities.

A superintendent should be open to constructive criticism (realizing that his/her ideas or decisions may sometimes be questioned or board members, commissioners, community members or even CCPS staff).

Transparency (with curriculum, decisions, finances, data, etc.) is important so that the community knows exactly what is going on in our public school system and can feel comfortable knowing that everything is being run as it should be.

Please identify some ways you feel the school board could improve safety in public schools.

We need to continue the trend of placing school resource officers in schools throughout our county, wherever they are still needed. Beyond just providing security, SROs can serve as role models and as positive influences for students, providing guidance and discipline where needed.

Additional technology can also help provide increased security and safety. Between video surveillance equipment, motion activation, key cards for school door access, etc., we can be much more aware of potential problems and attempt to head them off before they become serious. We should encourage the use of apps or other methods to allow students to easily report safety concerns, anonymously, if needed.

In our older schools, securing our campuses through more enclosed walkways can slow down or deter trespassers who try to gain access to our school children, as they must travel between multiple out-buildings.

We should utilize equipment within our schools that assists local law enforcement in being able to do their jobs to provide safety and security. We should work to provide better access to student information (without violating FERPA) so that SROs and local law enforcement can better investigate and monitor children or family members who might pose a risk to school safety.

Contact information:

708 Bay St., Morehead City


I’m 42 years old and a county native who graduated from West Carteret High School in 1995. After graduating from N.C. State University in 1999, I returned home and now work for a global software firm. My career has focused on people management with roles in recruiting/HR and resource management over the last 20 years. I am married with four boys ages 7-15 and we live in Emerald Isle.

My boys have attended Morehead Primary, St. Egbert Catholic School, White Oak Elementary and the Marine Science and Technologies Early College High School. We’ve been a part of many schools and I’ll soon have a student at Broad Creek Middle. I even tried my hand at home schooling my twins for their middle school years. All that to say — I have a broad background on school types and I’m thankful we live in a community that values school choice.

I am running because I care about our schools. I would like to see our BOE stand up for what’s right for the students and school staff. I want the BOE to be a place where everyone is valued and treated with respect, a place where we listen to all sides, fairly examine facts, appropriately manage the budget and support our teachers, administrators and school staff.

Do you believe state-mandated testing and accountability measures are sufficient, too much or not enough? Do you believe the current requirements are producing the desired results?

There are far too many state-mandated tests in our schools that not only waste what could be instructional time for our students but put some students at a disadvantage. Multiple computerized tests lasting hours at a time, especially at the elementary school level, are not what we need to measure the success of our school system. I believe we can trust our teachers to implement more frequent activities for measuring student learning in ways that are motivational and fit a variety of testing styles. Our students have different strengths and it’s important to allow them to succeed. Our school population isn’t standard - it is exceptional and full of students with diverse talents and capabilities. I believe that the culture of increased state-mandated testing is causing us to focus on “acing the test” versus authentic education and instilling a love of learning for all students. We should celebrate what our children know and not allow test scores to define them or their teachers.

What are the top qualities you want to see in the new school superintendent?

We need someone who understands our community, is willing to step out and build relationships and will advocate for our students and school staff. Our new superintendent needs to have a strong background working in schools, understanding the day-to-day work of our teachers and school staff.

Please identify some ways you feel the school board could improve safety in public schools.

In addition to an SRO, our school properties need to be secure, with an obvious delineation where school property begins/ends. Some school grounds are extremely open and make it difficult to monitor outside threats. Some schools do not have solid classroom doors, which mean an intruder could easily break the glass pane and enter the room. Overcrowding in other schools is also unsafe and needs to be addressed immediately. I believe basic common sense in terms of facility improvements, along with the community involvement we already have in place, will help keep our schools safe.

Contact information:

1208 Timber Trail,

Emerald Isle

DISCLOSURE: Ms. Beasley is the daughter of News-Times

owners and publishers Lockwood and Nikki Phillips.

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