Art by Chrissy Suralik

Inspiration of Life into Art

For the month of September through October 8, 2019, the Cassie Howe Algeo Gallery will feature the oil painting and prints of Morehead City resident Chrissy Suralik. This exhibit will be in the Gallery located in the hallway connecting the new and old lobbies of Carteret Health Care at 3500 Arendell St., Morehead City. As always these shows are free and open to the public at all times. These works of art are for sale and purchase can be arranged through the Carteret Healthcare Foundation Office.

Some people always know they are going to be an artist. Chrissy Suralik knew before she even started school. Her earliest memories were using the sheetrock walls of her bedroom as giant canvases to transform the bland spaces into magical places of nascent imagination. They became a night sky, a tropical rainforest and even the ocean’s underwater world. Chasing the dream of “a little better every day,” Chrissy has honed her skills as recently adding oil painting to her daily practice and has been exploring abstract art.

Her artistic drive comes from an inner need to create and connect with others. In 2010 Chrissy opened Inkspiration Studio which is located in downtown Morehead City. Her mission is to melt the lines between the fine art community and body art. Her drive to change much of society’s disdain toward body art comes from the belief: “Art is art. Art conveys emotion, whether in the form of a landscape painting capturing nature’s beauty, a meta, thought-provoking abstract piece or memorial tattoo for a grieving mother.” When a customer walks into her studio for the first time for a tattoo, they often experience pleasant confusion. The front of the studio is an airy gallery displaying paintings, carvings, scrimshaw, jewelry and other creations from local artists.

Chrissy is honored to work with the town of Morehead City to continue to grow the art scene and help other inspiring artists toward success like the recent project "Circles on 6th" in Downtown MHC. She is a member of the Carteret County Arts Council, a DMC Inc board member and 2019 Main Street Champion. Lately her main focus has been large scale murals that can be seen all around Carteret and Craven County.

Chrissy can be reached at


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